Whether it be low back, neck, shoulder, hip or knee pain a thorough assessment is essential to establish the source and extent of injury. The more baseline information we have the better to get to know you as a person, your medical history as well as activity history and to establish goals as to what you want to achieve from physiotherapy. From there we can put a plan in place to reach these agreed goals through a program to suit your needs.

Online Video Consultation

This service is of particular use now during COVID-19 restrictions but also for those unable to attend the clinic due to sickness or travel. We use secure Online Video Consultations to talk though the history of your injury to establish the likely cause, observe for any restrictions with movement or strength deficits and put a rehabilitation plan in place. In order for this to work most effectively please be advised that you should use laptop or tablet device to allow you move hands free, be wearing appropriate clothing to observe the area as well as sufficient space around you to carry out some simple movements, much like you would in the clinic setting. Further detail will be clarified in your booking confirmation


Along with the more traditional manual therapy role of physiotherapy we have a dedicated area for exercise rehabilitation and place a strong emphasis on the unequivocal evidence of exercise therapy. When compared to many surgical interventions more and more evidence is emerging in research for the use of conservative management of many musculoskeletal problems through exercise. Even after surgery we still work closely with top orthopaedic surgeons and follow their post operative protocols to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. Using traditional gym work along with resistance bands we also have some state of the art equipment at hand including the K Box from Swedish Company Go Exxentric, Compex Rehab and Flowin’ Board. To assist you with your exercises we use PhysiApp, a free clinic App, to help you through your home exercise program.

Marathon Training Plans and

A keen marathon runner for the past 12 years Rob combines his background in sport science, injury prevention and first hand running experience to individually devise training plans based around progressive overload and injury risk reduction. Using both qualitative and quantitate data your training is monitored and progressed as deemed appropriate while also addressing the many common training errors that exist.


McCabe Physiotherapy uses slow motion and real time analysis to capture movements and detect imbalances or asymmetries. This provides a clearer pathway for guiding the rehabilitation process. Any biomechanical errors that may be contributing to the problem are then addressed with specific cueing, targeted strengthening and exercises.

Massage and Recovery

Massage can have an effect on tight and aching muscles that may be over active for some reason. As well as the massage it is important to determine why that muscle has become "tight" (possibly weak also) so this pattern can be avoided again. Other modalities useful for recovery can be advice around exercise and also the Air Relax system. This uses the most advanced digitally controlled air pressure system to provide dynamic compression to limbs compromised by poor circulation. The aim is to enable you to train harder but recover smarter. It is also very useful following surgery where swelling may be the limiting factor with progressing through rehabilitation.


  • ORTHOTICS Custom made orthotics or a semi bespoke device may be appropriate for certain conditions and can be very effective in the reduction of long standing pains caused by poor foot mechanics. A full assessment will determine if you are appropriate for orthotic wear.
  • CONCUSSION ASSESSMENT AND REHAB Rob has completed the most up to date research based training on Concussion. All too often patients return to school/sport too early and suffer setbacks as a result. Contact for comprehensive baseline assessment, return to play assessment and return to play rehabilitation/guidelines.