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24th July 2018
Heat, Hydration and Exercise

14th February 2018
Focus on The Bigger Picture with Back Pain

8th December 2017
Have a listen back to a conversation I had today with KFM on "Female Triad"

24th September 2017
"Parting is such sweet sorrow"

9th August 2017
Hip and Glute stretching series with Philly Kinsella

27th June 2017
Records - there to be broken

24th April 2017
Glutes are key no butts about it

1st February 2017
Media Making a Bags of Back Pain

24th January 2017
Exercise - make your motivation more meaningful

11th January 2017

A healthy, injury free 2017

16th December 2016

The Rise of Diabetes

23rd November

You Deserve Some Truth about Back Pain

11th November 2016

Chartered Physio comes up Trumps - why to choose a Chartered Physiotherapist

9th November 2016

Nothing Hip about FAI

24th October 2016

Taper Time

19th September

Stand up to Back Pain

16th August 2016

Flossing, Exercise and Chocolate Cake

29th June 2016:

Making Time for Sleep and Recovery

30th May 2016:

Are Smart Phones becoming a pain in the neck?

9th May 2016:

Tri staying injury free in the water this season

14th April 2016:

If you go to a butcher you'll get meat...sometimes

22nd March 2016: 

Can we rub the pain away?

8th March 2016:

The Running Technology Boom

19th February 2016:

Taping for dodgy ankles and return to sport

5th February 2016

Concussion Confusion

22nd January 2016: 

Running at Stupid O'Clock

4th January 2016: New Year exercise plans

Make 2016 a more productive year all round

17th December 2015:

Treat children like children, not mini adults

2nd December 2015: Hamstring Injuries

Stop!...Hammer Time

25th November 2015: Musculoskeletal Screening

'Tis the season to be screening

19th November 2015: Exercise and osteoarthritis

"We do not stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing". Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790

9th November 2015: Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain: Can it be stopped?

2nd November 2015: Obesity or inactivity crisis

Generation X or XL?

28th October 2015: Jury still out on running shoes

The "Which Running Shoe?" Debate